Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Modern Day Parable

There once was a young servant girl named Luisa who lived in the town of Christianhood. She served her townspeople well. She got paid little but much was expected of her. She was chief, cook and bottle washer. Visionary, planner, and worker bee. She also responded to endless emails and interceded for many to answer problems that ordinarily required little thought (had people bothered to take the time to think for themselves). Luisa was the go-to gal. She enjoyed what she did and didn't complain. She knew that the job required to do things that were simple for her yet challenging to others. She spent countless hours listening to the needs of others and they confided in her as if she were their friend. She made people laugh and loved to see smiles where none were before. People took advantage of her intelligence and wit and often took the credit for the work she did in their behalf. She helped advance people in their positions and aided in their well being. This all gave Luisa a sense of belonging in the community of Christianhood. When people did not get what they wanted from Luisa, they simply stopped calling, giving no reason for the disconnect. They just figured that Luisa was of little use to them any longer. In any event, Luisa did what she could, even sacrificing time which could have been better spent with her own family. After all, there were many more people to serve. 

When tragedy struck Luisa, no one cared. Yet people continued to call on her for help in spite of her own need for assistance. No help was offered her. Her services were still needed with no time given to attend to her own needs. She was sought out by many, yet she herself was exhausted and overwhelmed. 

Now when the time came for entertainment, parties, lunches and such, the townspeople all gathered together; often times calling on Luisa to assist in the planning. She always made the false assumption that she would be included in the ultimate affair. When invitations were sent out, Luisa was always left out of the guest list, after all, it was an unspoken rule to never fraternize with the hired help. Her place was to serve, not to be served. The years passed and this modus operandi began to wear on her. It was frustrating and caused much pain.

Well, one day a voice came that reminded Luisa that her gift was appreciated by the One who gave it to her. She was told that she didn't need to over exert herself for others but to utilize that energy on herself and her family. She had been redirecting her talents where she thought they were needed but again she had made a false assumption. The voice told her that her time was better spent with those closest to her and to lavish those gifts on her family who would appreciate it all the more. As she pondered those thoughts, Luisa followed the voice of reason. Little by little she began to disappear from the public eye to engross herself in her family's needs and her own. Interestingly, no one missed her! BUT, she had a new found appreciation for herself and her family, and her family was grateful to have her back......full time! 

Moral of the story: Don't look for satisfaction outside where it is under appreciated but rather focus on that which matters most. The satisfaction that it brings is tenfold and the reward eternal!